Jennie Kim Height and Measurements

We give you the measurements of the beautiful Jennie, because we know that size and physique are really criticized measurements in Korea, because it is not only, apparently, a fundamental requirement for most idols, since we can often observe the size and remarkable figure that many of them may have, but is also a strong attraction for followers and admirers interested in knowing more about their favorite celibrities.

estatura de jennie kim, Jennie Kim Height and Measurements

Jennie, the cocky little Blackpink is one of the most beautiful celebrities in Korea according to multiple lists of popular magazines in the Asian country; However, he is known by the followers of the Korean girl band that, Jennie, is one of the smallest of the four members. Although we can see the model in the music videos of the girl group who is usually on par with the height of her peers, but this is due to the shoes with high platforms that she uses.

Jennie Kim’s height

How tall Jennie Kim is is one of the questions that we have to solve in this article, but it must be said that the only person who can give us an exact answer is no one other than the singer herself, since various data circulate on the network of which We can only get an approximate based on other information for reference.

If we look at the photographs that the singer has with the other girls who are members of Blackpink, we can see that Jennie usually wears quite large platform shoes, this to pair with her companions, which indicates that Jennie is shorter than Rosé and Lisa’s but very similar to Jisoo’s.

How tall is Jennie from Blackpink?

Jennie’s height is 1.63, one meter and sixty-three centimeters approximately, since other means indicate that the singer and model has the same height as Jisoo (1.62), while we know that Lisa and Rosé are the tallest members of the group.

estatura de lisa manoban de blackpink

Jennie Kim is one of the most important celebrities of the moment due to the fame that Blackpink maintains not only in Korea but throughout the world. Quite apart from the fame of her group, the little girl is very popular on social networks, where she shares her day-to-day life and the tips where she makes clear her discipline to maintain that figure.

Jennie Kim’s Weight

The weight in Korean idols is a subject of much controversy since the rigorous diets that these girls can have to maintain a figure that often compromises their health are well known.

How Much Does Jennie Kim Weigh?

Jennie Kim’s weight is approximately 47kg to 49kg… that’s right! a fairly low weight for the singer’s stature, which is not at all surprising in the world of Korean idols.

dieta de jennie kim, Jennie Kim Weight And Diet

Jennie Kim’s waist

And to finish, something that we could not ignore, is the waist measurement of these idols, which despite maintaining such a low weight for their height, manage to stand out a lot, so much so that it turns out to be the envy of many and the hidden desire of many.

What is Jennie Kim waist size?

Jennie Kim’s waist size is 65 centimeters to 67 centimeters approximately, a measurement that is quite remarkable for the slim figure that these models maintain. We already know why everything they wear looks so good on them.

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About Jennie Kim’s Measurements

In conclusion we can say that the young model has a really enviable figure for many girls, which serves as an example and motivation for those who have been following her for a long time; However, let us remember that Jennie Kim’s measures are also governed by many conditions that the production company puts on her, as well as the brands with which she works, for which the life of a model, so that she can have and maintain those measures not it is not at all simple.