Karina’s measurements, from AESPA

Know the measurements of Karina, the leader of the girlband AESPA, because we know that height and physique are really criticized measurements in Korea, because it is not only, apparently, a fundamental requirement for most idols, since a We can often observe the size and remarkable figure that many of them can have, but it is also a strong attraction for followers and admirers interested in knowing more about their favorite celibrities.

Karina measurements from AESPAYoo Ji Min, better known as Karina, is the leader of the Korean girl group AESPA. She is one of the most beautiful celebrities in Korea today, as her defined features have allowed her to participate and be the winner of many underground beauty pageants that take place on social networks. It is precisely because of the latter that she was chosen by SM Entertainment to form the quartet of the new youth group of girls that is proving to be a furor in the music industry: AESPA.

Karina’s height from AESPA

How tall is the group leader? We are going to solve it in this article, but it must be said that the only person who can give us an exact answer is no one other than the singer herself, since various data circulate on the network from which we can only get an approximate based on another information for reference.

In the photographs that the rapper has with the other girls who are members of AESPA, we can see that Karina is one of the tallest in the group, something that helps her a lot to demonstrate her role as leader of the band, and although they all have in average a similar height, we can get an almost exact number for Karina’s height from sources that are very close to her.
Karina height

How tall is Karina from AESPA?

Karina’s height is 1.67, approximately one meter and sixty-seven centimeters, since it has been proven that she is the tallest of the group, above Winter and the other members; while we know that Ningning, the vocalist is the smallest.

Karina is one of the celebrities that is causing the most stir today, since not only is she almost physically perfect, but it is very surprising for K-pop listeners to know that she is one of the few idols contacted directly by an agency as prestigious as SM Entertainment. to form an idol group, instead of her having to go through a casting.

Karina’s weight

Weight in Korean idols is a subject of much controversy since the rigorous diets that these girls can have to maintain a figure that often compromises their health are well known.

How much does AESPA member Karina weigh?

The weight of the model is approximately 44kg to 46kg… that’s right! 99 lbs, a fairly low weight for the singer’s stature, which is not at all surprising in the world of Korean idols.
weight karina aespa

Karina’s waist

Finally, something that we could not ignore is the waist measurement of these idols, who despite maintaining such a low weight for their height, manage to stand out a lot, so much so that it turns out to be the envy of many and the hidden desire from many fans.
karina aespa waist

How tall is Karina’s waist?

The model’s waist measures approximately 67 centimeters, an extremely attractive measurement for the slim figure that these models maintain. It’s no wonder that everything they’re wearing looks so good on them.

About Karina’s Measurements

In conclusion, we would say that the young model has not only a dreamy face, but also some really enviable measures for many girls, which serves as an example and motivation for those who have been following her for a long time; However, let us remember that Karina’s measurements are also governed by many conditions that the production company puts on her, as well as the brands with which she works, for which the life of a model, so that she can have and maintain those measurements is not not at all simple.