Nayeon Height and Measurements

Cute Nayeon, her height, her weight, her waist…we all want to know a little more about her! We tell you a little more here, in Korea News about the measurements of this beautiful Korean singer belonging to the girlband Twice who, with her beautiful smile, has managed to captivate the hearts of all her fans. Below we tell you more about its measurements.

Height and Measurements of Nayeon

Nayeon Measurements

Naeyon is one of the best-known celebrities in Korea, not only for belonging to one of the most popular girl bands in the Asian country (Twice) but also for having a slender figure, a small size and a beautiful smile that captivates us. Instantly.

Nayeon’s measurements are highly sought after due to how small she looks compared to other members and how slim she remains despite her size. The dancer is not only an excellent singer, but also maintains an enviable figure for the entertainment world. Here we show you the most precise measurements of your favorite idol.

Nayeon’s height

Nayeon’s height is one of the measurements that we are going to answer below; however, it can be said that the only one that can give us a precise answer is only herself, since several articles circulate on the internet of which we will arrive at an approximate based on other data that we will take as a reference; however, we promise to give a fairly accurate measure.

How tall is Nayeon?

If we look at the photo of the Twice girl members posing for the shot all together, we can see that Nayeon, even wearing pretty high-heeled shoes, is still one of the smallest members of the group.

How tall is Nayeon?

Nayeon’s height is 1.62 cm, approximately one meter and sixty-two centimeters, since other media indicate that the singer is the third smallest of the group, only having Dahyun and Ji Hyo below. Others say that Nayeon is the same height as Dahyun and Ji Hyo, which although it does not allow us to have an exact figure, we can arrive at an estimated average between 1.60 and 1.63. Two centimeters that certainly do not make much difference, since the model looks quite stylized already with her height.

Nayeon's weight

Nayeon’s weight

The weight in Korean Idols is a subject of much controversy since the rigorous diets that these girls can have to maintain a figure that often compromises their health are well known.

How much does Nayeon weigh?

Nayeon’s weight is approximately 47kg…that’s right! The singer is underweight, but not as low as other celebrities in the industry whose sizes are even higher. Underweight in a Korean celebrity is not at all strange in the world of Asian idols.



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Twice’s Nayeon Waist

And ending with this article, something that we could not let go, is the measurement of the small waist of this young model. Nayeon has one of those waists that we can see in the world of Kpop, which despite maintaining such a low weight for her height, manage to stand out so much that it turns out to be the envy of many.

How big is Nayeon’s waist?

Nayeon’s waist measures approximately 74 centimeters, a truly remarkable measurement for the slim and trim figure these models maintain. We already see why they are a fashion icon. And as? If absolutely everything they wear looks good on them!

Nayeon's Waist Measurements

About Nayeon’s Measurements

In conclusion, we can say that the little singer, dancer and model of Twice has an enviable figure for EVERYONE, which serves as an example and motivation for those who really follow her; However, we must bear in mind that Nayeon’s measurements are also governed by many conditions that the company that hires her places on her, as well as the brands with which she works, for which the life of a model, so that she can have and maintain These measures are not easy at all.